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Work in Progress


i'm a bit behind schedule for the next release, so I uploaded a preview.... -fixed the hierarchy ctags limitation -added features for vs-full-screen-mode (roll/unroll & stay on top) -(hopefully) improved "focus follow" -dual addin for both vc6 and vc7


  • here we go... release 0.6.2 uploaded
  • need definitly to write a small userguide and a FAQ. Drop me a if you like to help ;) !
  • need to "finalize" the .Net addin


  • added functionality to check online for new versions
  • about to package a new release


  • changed the vs-addin logging. it's now logging to the macro-output-window (see screen-shot
  • fixed a bug which prevent the browsers from beeing shown if they where "triggered" by an addin-button an no text-editor was open in VS
  • browsers window will show/hide if the visual studio is maximized/inimized


  • mainly bugfixing
  • made the browse-button in the ctags-preferences working
  • fixed 2 bugs in the .dsp parser. a) when projects where not on the same drive as the workspace (i.e. c: & d:) b) files name containing white-spaces (i.e. My Header.h)
  • added tooltips for the outline and hierarchy-browser


  • released 0.6rc1


  • vc .net addin...


  • MetaModel
    refactored and renamed the the whole cpp-model. Made it a lazy loading model.
    This simplified the file outline loading quite a bit. Lot's of code removed !
  • Tag Browsers
    improved usability of the tag browsers. Matches-List listens on up/down arrows keys
    if Matches-List is focused pressing a-z will adjust filter , ESC and DEL will clear filter
    BACKSPACE will reomve last charackter.
  • AddIn
    AddIn is coupled much closer to the server. Selected Text in the editor will be transfered to the BeSweet-Server
    as "search" argument.
  • Added more adjustable preferences
  • Rewritting server to handle multiple workspaces

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