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Next Release

  • Next release is planed July, 30th.

Planed Features

  • Visual Studio .Net (there is already some experimental addin)
  • Package Browser
  • Parse included header files which are not part of the project

Bugs & Limitations

  • Although it already works quite smooth, there are still a lot of bugs waiting to be fixed.
  • The project setup must follow some (too restrictive) rules, i.e. header and source files must be placed in the same directory to get some (optional features) working
  • Header files which are found by the compiler via the include path are not parsed (see also Planed Features)
  • Anonymous enum declarations do not work (i.e. typedef enum {e1, e2} MyEnum; )


  • Everything in the Bugs & Limitation section
  • Some parts in the code are a real mess, which need to be cleaned up.
  • Minimize memory footprint
  • Replace some utility-classes with their boost ( counterpart.
  • Some of the icons could need a face lift

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