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It might be neccessary to reboot your computer if you have already installed an older version of BeSweet. If nothing works do the following
  1. uninstall the addin from visual studio
  2. unregister the dll with regsvr32
  3. start the ESBServer.exe
  4. reboot your pc
  5. open visual studio and reinstall the addin
  6. press the 1st addin-button and ensure that BeSweet is enabled
  7. open a workspace in visual studio
  8. right click on the BeSweet-SystemTray-Icon and maximize --> your workspace should be listened here

Some users reported that the server gets started multiple times. I haven't figured out the exact reason yet, but it looks like this happens if the system is somewhat busy (mostly this was reported on system with 256mb ram). If this happens on your system as well,

  1. open the addin preferences tag (the first addin button)
  2. check the "Silent (don't ask questions)" checkbox
  3. enter an invalid name for the server.exe in the edit field
  4. start the server manualy
  5. send me a bug report



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