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Installation is very easy.
  1. Unzip the package into a folder of your choice
  2. In the ini-file ESBServer.ini, adapt the property "ctags.exe=c:/path/to/ctags.exe" to the location you unzipped the package into.
  3. Register/Load the Visual Studio Addin via Tools->Customize->Macros and Add-Ins
  4. Customize the key-binding i.e. I personally use Alt-T to popup the Type Browser, Alt-O for the Outline Browser etc..
  5. Start the server programm (ESBServer.exe).

Howto Build

It's not possible to build BeSweet with the default STL shipped with VC++ 6.0. The reason is, that the VC-STL is based on a pre standard (i think before 1998) and is therefore missing some (important) features. To build the project, any recent STL implementation should work. I personally use STLPort 4.5.3 which is based on the original SGI implementation and can be freely donwloaded here.

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