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When I started the project, I had to decide to either fully integrate the browsers inside Visual Studio or to build an external application. After reading a couple of articles about how to integrate custom-apps into VS on and, I decided to build an external client server application based on the following reasons. First, I wanted to concentrate my effort on the fun part and reading those articles, integrating an app into VS didnít sound like fun. Second, which is IMO the much more important reason, if the external app crashes it wonít crash VS as well !

As mentioned above, the system is designed with a client-server architecture, where the client is implemented as a Visual Studio Addin and interacts with the server via COM. The serverís architecture is a very traditional MVC pattern. Not all of the blocks above are currently implemented, i.e. there are no QT-Renderers


Although there isnít/wasnít any need for multi platform support, I tried to avoid too many platform specific dependencies. STL is used where ever possible , MFC is strictly used in the renderers only and the COM interface implementation is completely encapsulated in itís own module. That said, the effort to port it to another platform shouldnít be too big.

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