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  • 2003/04/10 version 0.6.4 has been release
  • 2003/05/09 version 0.6.3 has been release
  • 2003/28/07 uploaded an addin with better vc7 support
  • 2003/11/07 the 100 dowloads per day barrier was taken !! looks like this thing is going to fly ! :))
  • 2003/08/07 version 0.6.2 has been released
  • 2003/27/06 version 0.6.0 has been released
  • What is it ?

    If you ever worked with SniFF+, IBM’s VisualAge or its successor Eclipse/JDT you get used to some features that are hard to miss if you have to change the IDE. I.E VisualAge provides excellent visual class browsers and SniFF+ has the most advanced source code browsers I’ve seen yet. Although Visual Studio provides a visual class browser, it’s absolutely unusable because it’s only updated on a compiler run, doesn’t show inheritance and last but no least shows all classes of the project in a single tree (uuhhm… very funny to search for a class within 300 other classes). Or you know there is class FooManager uuh깄xﯔů��is it named FooMgr and hell, in which file does it reside ?… while VisualAge/Eclipse provides a very nice class browser which lets you search a class by its name with simple regular expressions, you are completely left on your memory with VS.

    While some of the missing features can be “upgraded” by installing some 3rd party addins (like VisualAssist or WorkspaceWhizz) none of them satisfied all my needs. So after complaining and moaning around for almost a year, I decided to start my own little project, the "Be Sweet" project.

    This leaves only one remaining point for the introduction... how comes the name.
    Well, when I initially started the project, it was named "Eclipse Style Browsers". While, technically speaking, this would have been the correct name, it's quite long, isn't it ? So, then I was thinking about Browser-Suite which then turned into B-Suite and that sounds like "Be Sweet" ;) and in deed, it's sweet to have them ;)

    What's new

    Version 0.6.4

    New Features

    • added a custom filter for the outline browser (RFE #780224)


    • bug #815014: member-icons were not decorated with const/static decorators
    • bug #811156: under some circumstances the hierarchy browsers didn't show the complete subtype hierarchy

    Version 0.6.3

    New Features

    • added features for users working with visual studio in full screen mode (see the preferences)
    • the addin works now both in vc6 and vc7 !
    • added logging functionality the the esbserver
    • improved functionality of online version check

    Version 0.6.2

    New Features

    • added tooltips for the outline and hierarchy-browser (can be enabled/disabled in the preferences)
    • added functionality to check online for new versions
    • changed the vs-addin logging. it's now logging to the macro-output-window (see screen-shot) instead of raising all those poup-message boxes
    • browsers window will show/hide if the visual studio is maximized/inimized


    • fixed a bug which prevented the browsers from beeing shown if they where "triggered" by an addin-button and no visual-studio-text-editor was open
    • fixed 2 bugs in the .dsp parser. which prevented files to be parsed by ctags
      a) if projects where not on the same drive as the workspace (i.e. c:\workspace.dsw & d:\project.dsp)
      b) files containing white-spaces in the name (i.e. My Header.h)
    • made the browse-button in the ctags-preferences working
    • there where probably more bugs fixed, but I just can't remember ;)

    Version 0.6.0

    • BeSweet supports now multiple workspaces and Visual Studio instances
    • Initial support for Visual Studio .Net. This is still quite experimental and should be used with caution.
    • Completely reworked the Visual Studio Addin. It's now much simpler to get BeSweet running
    • The integration between the BeSweet and the Visual Studio now much tighter, i.e. the selected text in the Visual Studio editor will be used as search-arguments when clicking on a addin button.
    • Improved the Tag-Browsers. Up/Down arrow key work in the list-boxes. If the Matches-List is focused, the typed characters will be used as search-arguments (ESC/Delete to clear the filter, Backspace to erase the last typed character).
    • fixed tons of bugs

    Be Sweet is hosted at Logo

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